Consistency is Key

One of my biggest flaws, I must admit, is staying consistent. And although I’m sure I’m not alone in this it still bothers me that I have a hard time sticking to certain things and following through to the end.

That’s what the point of this blog is, to force me to follow through with my plans to lose weight and finally get back to being confident in my own skin. But it’s just not that easy!


So before there’s a full blown pity party, let’s talk about what I’ve accomplished and what challenges I’m currently facing..


The Good:

  • I have much more energy than in past months.
  • I’ve cut waaaaaaaayyy back on red meat (pork and beef).
  • Candy/Chips/Pop (Soda)/Heavily processed foods make me extremely lethargic and upsets my stomach.
  • I naturally wake earlier and feel like I sleep deeper .
  • I feel full faster when I’m eating** – sometimes, but we’ll talk about that.


The Bad:

  • Research has made me OBSESSIVE and confused.
  • I haven’t lost any weight AT ALL.
  • I’ve had more than one binge eating sessions.


Okay, so I guess the silver lining is that the good does outweigh (no pun) the bad. However, the fact that I haven’t lost a single fucking pound is more than a little discouraging. Especially since everything I’ve read starts with the author having lost a substantial amount of weight as soon as they started trying. I’ve been trying nearly a month and don’t have shit to show for it.


But, I won’t stop. I’m really just venting here.  I also need a new plan of attack, because obviously what I’ve been doing isn’t working. And that’s okay.

So what’s next??

I’ll stick with Intermittent Fasting because it has helped tremendously but I need to find something else to kick start the actually losing of the weight.

I’m honestly torn between the Ketogenic diet and going Vegan for 30 days. Two very extreme diets that are not at all alike which is probably why I’m so torn. The fact that I’ve been teetering between the two is probably also why I haven’t lost any weight.

Insert nervous laugh.

On one hand, the Keto diet allows me to return to steak and have as much butter as I want but it doesn’t allow for carbs. Which would be perfectly fine if there were not carbs in some of my favorite fruits.

From what I understand – and don’t quote me on this – the reason the Keto diet works is because it forces your body to use ketones as a source of energy derived from fat instead of glucose. Glucose comes from the breakdown of carbohydrates. This is the reason why one would need to drastically cut carbs.

One the other hand, Veganism allows me to have all the fruits and veggies I want but no fish, chicken or butter and it can be very heavy in carbs. There’s also a sort of spiritual aspect of not eating any animal or anything that comes from an animal but I won’t get into that here.

You know, actually writing this down has me thinking that I should just try them both -separately, of course – just to see which one would suit my lifestyle the best.

Wow! Blogging is cathartic AF. Who knew??

So, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll start by trying the Ketogenic diet for 30 whole days, along with Intermittent Fast of course. And because I have to ease into things, I’ll start April 1st.

Along with this, I’ll also keep up with my weekly walks to work. Since the weather is breaking (or trying at least) I may start getting back to my long walks through downtown Detroit as well. 😉

In any case, I’ll keep you guys posted! TTYL..


-XO, Nay.  


The Beginning..

Hi Guys!

So, March has been interesting so far. Starting with my birthday celebration, subsequent setbacks and now finally getting back on the wagon – so to speak.

I promised myself I’d take it easy during my birthday but ended up on a four day bender complete with all meat pizzas, endless long islands, late night dinners and (you guessed it) an actual alcohol bender, y’all.


This all started Thursday and by Sunday I was bloated, drained and filled with remorse. It was pathetic. But I did learn two lessons:


Lesson #1:

I’m officially an old bitch. No more partying like a teenage thotty.

Lesson #2:

If I’m truly going to make a drastic change, I have to hit rock bottom doing the things I’m accustomed to doing.


That second lesson came to me as I lay on the cold floor of my best friend’s bathroom after seven too many shots of Remy and/or Tito’s.

It was a mixy night.

With all that being said, let’s get into my plans/goals going forward, shall we…



  • Lose 60 lbs. Specifically, I want a Beyonce four pack, no love handles/back fat, Angela Bassett arms, slimmer waist and a bigger booty. More specifically, less body fat and more lean muscle.
  • Run a 5K. This has actually been a goal of mine for a while now. I’m aiming for next spring since it’s too late in the season for me to start training hard right now.



That’s pretty much it, though there are a few minor things I’d like to accomplish along the way. Those things include cutting sugar, processed foods and cutting back on salt, candy and carbs.



  • Intermittent Fasting. Basically, I’ll be fasting and eating at a certain times each day. I’ll also be maintaining a caloric deficit and cutting way back on carbs. (sigh, bye-bye pasta)
  • Gym. Duh. Of course I’ll be working out. I mean, seriously. At the present moment, I’m not really focused on the physical portion of the plan. Still tryna get on a good fasting schedule.
  • Yoga. Any excuse to pick back up on my practice. I love yoga because it keeps my from punching people in the fucking face (especially when I haven’t had adequate amounts Reese’s cups or sauce drenched Angel hair pasta).




  • July 1, 2018. Down at least 20 lbs
  • March 1, 2019. At my goal weight, with my perfect skin, sunbathing naked on a beach somewhere exponentially warmer than Michigan.
  • May 2019. Complete my first 5K.


Sounds simple enough, right?


Like I said, I’m in the process now of trying to nail down the perfect fasting schedule for myself. Initially, I chose 18:6 as my fasting:feasting ratio – meaning I would not eat for 18 hours (including the time I was sleeping) then have my meals for the day within a 6 hour window.

I started this on February 14 (the first day of Lent). I chose this ratio because I work late in the day and my lunch is scheduled at 7:45 pm each night. So I figured I’d set my feasting window from 3 pm to 9 pm each night and adjust on the weekends as needed since my sleeping schedule is different when I’m not at work.

It worked well until the second weekend. I was scheduled to work overtime that Saturday which was a morning shift – 9 am to 3 pm.

Y’all. -_-

As if having my sleep interrupted wasn’t enough, I had the most vicious hunger pains which eventually turned into a nasty headache. It was awful! Lack of preparation led to me leaving work at 3 pm (the start of my feasting time), running a bunch of errands and then getting home around 6:30 pm.


I thought I was gon’ die! But I learned to always ALWAYS prep my food, even if that means throwing an apple in my purse. That will at least tide me over until I can get to some food. I also learned to take pride in the small victories. Had this been a month ago, I would have stopped at the nearest Taco Bell or Burger King and got busy. But I didn’t.

#GROWTH. Yayyy!

I’ve also decided to adjust my fasting:feasting windows as well. Going forward, I’ll be using the 16:8 method instead, just in case.

For updates and more, stay tuned! Be sure to like and subscribe to my posts as well.
XO -Nay.  

Happy Birthday!

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my very first blog on the very first day of a new year in my life! Today is my birthday.. (YAAAAYYYY) and I figured that I’d finally launch this thing.

So, what’s it about? Long story, not so long I’m big AF and need to drop all this weight. Dassit.

How big am I? About 198 pounds of a damn shame stacked 5 feet, 3 inches tall. And I’m mad as hell.

Luckily for me, I’m mad enough to get off my ass and do something about it. This is me doing something about it. And no, I’m not planning on writing the pounds away.




Think of this blog as an open letter/journal/diary detailing my “journey” (ugh. I hate that word now) from Big AF to Big Ole Booty, Little Waist, Flat Tummy – Ayyyyyyee.  Feel free to judge me, cheer me on, lend a hand or whatever else along the way!


So, just a little back story on how we got here:

Right after graduating from high school I started to become more than a little self conscious about my body and the way I was shaped. I had always been a petite girl, but watching the seamstress snicker as she sewed shoulder pads into the front of my prom dress and whatever she did to the back was kind of..

Well, it pissed me off and made me very aware of the fact that, at 18, I was no closer to having a “woman’s body” than I had been at 12 years old. That being said, I was skinny, flat chested, had no hips and only a handful of booty (LOL – Thank GAWD)

Some time later, I decided I needed to gain some weight. In my ignorance, I opted for the birth control shot (who shall remain nameless) instead of adding more protein and/or carbs to my diet and lifting weights.

Mostly because, I didn’t know shit about shit and for some reason my way seemed the ONLY logical thing to do.


I know. I know.


Anyway, the birth control shot worked a bit too well. I gained about 20 pounds in about 3 months – don’t quote me on this. It was a lot of weight, rather quickly but luckily it mostly went to my ass! 🙂

With that, though, I started to notice some strange things happening to my body so I decided not to get any more birth control shots after the first two rounds.

Why? Mostly because I was now eating more than I ever had before and my cycle was CRAZY!

When I decided to get off the shot, I was about 140 lbs, maybe 145. The weight didn’t look that bad, but my diet and the fact that I was an avid party girl (so I drank a lot) meant that I would keep gaining.

About a year later, at 170-ish, I said “fuck that” and made a drastic change. I stopped drinking, started working as a waitress, walked back and forth to work and watched what I ate.

I was obsessed! I got down to about 150 lbs in a relatively short amount of time and was fine there for a while until stress eating, drinking and not giving a shit caught up to me.

Now, it’s the beginning of 2016 and 188 lbs. Like wow, really? How? Why?

So I started to watch what I ate, again and began to workout with a trainer. It was great! I had a lot of fun in the gym and my training sessions, but I wasn’t as strict as I should have been with my diet so my progress was extremely slow at first

It took about 4 months to drop 20 pounds. I maintained this weight for a few months, fluctuated, and ended up at 158 lbs in February 2017.


Yaaaay, right?




For many reasons, including pregnancy, I ended up gaining all that weight and more back. So here we are, yet again. But this time will be different!

I know we’ve all heard that before, but I’m DEAD. ASS. SERIOUS. I am. This time, I have a set of goals that I’m committed to as a means to change my life and body permanently.

Not just a few months, but F-O-R-E-V-E-R. *typed in Cardi B’s voice.

So, what are my goals? How do I plan to accomplish this? Am I doomed to look like stuffed sausage in my clothes for the rest of my life? All this and more on next episode of Dra… uh.


Almost got a little carried away, there.


Just make sure you guys stay tuned for my next post where  we’ll discuss this and more!


XO -Nay.